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Organising a Santa's grotto

Our pre-wrapped Santas Grotto gifts are on our shelves ready to go and are supplied wrapped and labelled, both with age and gender suitability.

We have quality ready - wrapped toys, books and craft items for for babies right through to age 9 years and over - with an average price point of only £1.00 each ex VAT!  They are ideal for Santa's grottos, Breakfast with Santa, student gifts and for Christmas parties.

 We hope the tips below will help if you are organising a Santa's grotto.


Choosing your grotto gifts

  • We've had years of experience and are the leading supplier of pre-wrapped gifts. We supply the largest shopping centres, PTAs, Lions and Rotary clubs, individual fundraisers and the smallest charity events - and all customers are equally as important to us.
  • All our gifts are wrapped by our experienced teams of wrappers here in our UK warehouse and we use good quality, thick wrapping paper, meaning the quality of the gift-wrapping is assured and the gift will look great right up until it is handed over by father Christmas to the excited child.
  • The quality of the gifts is assured too - our buying power and expertise allows us to buy quality books, toys, crafts and gifts at really great prices, and we pass these great prices on to you.
  • The ready wrapped Christmas grotto gifts are therefore on our shelves in large numbers, ready to come out to you when you need them!
  • We have ready-wrapped grotto gifts from birth upwards which you can buy in any quantity you require.
  • We have 4 age categories for our pre-wrapped grotto gifts - under 3s, age 3-5, age 6-8 and age 9+. Within these age groups we have a range of ready-wrapped gifts for girls and boys and a range of unisex gifts. We also have a category 'gifts for all ages' meaning if you don't know the exact breakdown of the ages of children coming to visit Father Christmas, these gifts can be given to children across the age groups.
  • We  also have ready made boxed assortments of 50 gifts in the age groups above. These contain a range of quality, popular gifts, saving you time when ordering.
  • Unless you know the exact gender split in each age group, we recommend ordering roughly 40% girls grotto gifts, 40% boys grotto gifts and 20% unisex gifts. Give out the girls and boys gifts first, then you are always left with unisex gifts - which of course, are then suitable for either gender.
  • As a rough guide, if your grotto is open to the public and you're not sure of the percentage in each age range, from experience we find that the split of ages tends to be roughly 25% under 3, 40% age 3-5, 25% age 6-8 and 10% in age 9+ - older children don't necessarily want to see Father Christmas, but really don't like to be left out of receiving a gift when their siblings do!





  • Ask our advice - call us on 01842 824505! We're really happy to advise you buy phone and have a wealth of experience. We can advise you about running a Santa's Grotto, Breakfast with Santa or Christmas event. There are no silly questions!
  • Ask advice from others - if you've joined a PTA, find out what worked and what didn't work for the PTA Santa's grotto in previous years. If you're a small charity, could you pair up with another charity to organise a grotto and share costs, expertise and man (and woman!) power? 
  • Ask for local advice - if your Christmas grotto is being held in your town or village, see if your event can be made part of the Christmas lights switch on, Santa run, Christmas Fayre, Christmas market or other festive occasion and therefore publicised alongside it too - your event will then have both publicity and visitors! Similarly, if another event is happening which would clash with the date of your Santa's grotto, a rethink of your chosen date may be needed.



Planning your Santa's grotto

  • Plan ahead and plan well. Set your date as early as you can in the year so you can publicise it as early as possible - some event websites and publications need event details as much as 6 months or more in advance, so the sooner you let them know, the longer they'll have to promote it for you.
  • Share it and delegate tasks - instead of someone taking all the responsibility for planning, then no-one feels they are having to do too much. Have regular discussions about the event planning and preparation, so any glitches can be overcome before the big day
  • Have as many people as possible attend the event. Some grottos only take advanced ticket bookings, but you can miss out on valuable income this way - if you can, choose a venue where there's people passing so they can come and visit Father Christmas too. having unisex gifts and gifts for all ages (see'choosing your grotto gifts' above)
  • Make sure you charge enough to cover all your costs - but not so much that it's too expensive and people won't come - look at what other similar organisations charge. 
  • Ensure you have enough helpers on the day, and that you've planned cover for if anyone (including Santa!) is ill or unable to help.
  • Design eye catching posters so the event date and venue can be seen from a distance - it's no good if  the details are too small to be seen!
  • Distribute posters and flyers well in advance and ask all your friends and family, local shops and schools and community centre to put up posters for your Santa's grotto or Breakfast with Santa.
  • Ticketing or just turning up? There are fors and againsts for both though of course, the more people you allow to come, the more profit you will make. See above regarding the choice of gifts, age breakdowns and gifts which are suitable across the age groups, allowing for maximumm flexibility.  


Choice of Grotto gifts

Unless you're taking bookings for children by gender and age, you won't know the exact number of gifts you need in each age group. Chat to us on 01842 824505 about We have some gifts which are suitable in multiple age groups - our Christmas stationery sets, kaleidoscopes and tumbling towers, for example. When choosing, to get the widest range


 Publicity: Without it, no-one will know your event is on!

  • As soon as you have your Santa's grotto date set, tell everyone, and ask them to tell everyone!
  • Set up a facebook event page, and send a link to it to everyone you know, asking them to share it on their facebook page too.
  • Ask everyone to tweet about it too.
  • Send information about your Santa's grotto or Christmas event to the local newspapers, Tourist Information Board and BBC Radio station - do this initially several weeks or even months ahead in order to get your event listed in their events directory, and again nearer the time to get the event publicised. Send photos to the local paper nearer the time with a short piece about the date, timing, venue and cost and if it's a charity event, information about how the money raised will help the charity.
  • Call your local radio station, they love to interview people about events happening locally. Getting someone lively and bubbly to talk on the radio about your Santa's grotto for a few minutes can really help publicise it.
  • Print flyers and give them to schools, nurseries, community centres and put posters up anywhere you can.



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